Ryukyu Bakudan is made from Moromi vinegar, which is concentrated 10 times.

A new gift of health from Okinawa.

Why is Ryukyu Bakudan so effective on hangovers?

Why do hangovers occur?

Hangovers occur due to various factors such as acetaldehyde and its toxic oxidants, dehydration due to alcohol consumption, fatigue, the body water becoming acidic, low blood sugar level and so on.

Severe headache could be caused by alcohol dehydration from diminished water in the brain cells.

That dehydration occurs not only in the brain but in the whole body so the sodium and potassium in the body water will increase in density, and calcium, magnesium and zinc will decrease due to excessive urination. Calcium and magnesium are necessary minerals for the tensing of the muscles and adjustment of blood
pressure.  Shortage of calcium and magnesium will make us feel languid and exhausted.


Arginine will accelerate alcohol metabolism!!

Consumption alcohol makes our blood sugar level lower, and glycogen stored as our energy in our liver and musle will be supplied for the loss.

At the same time, amino acids decrease, and a lot of vitamin B1 will be used up to breakdown alcohol.

The amino acid arginine helps our liver detoxicate and accelerate the break down of alcohol.  Hence, arginine can be expected to stop hangovers by taking amino acids before going drinking.

Moreover, liver function will be restored faster with sufficient nutrients supplied during hangovers.

What are the contents of Ryukyu Bakudan?

It is made from" Moromi vinegar" which is produced after the production process of Awamori, an Okinawan liquor and is rich with 18 kinds of amino acids and citric acid.

Moreover, Ryukyu Bakudan is made in soft capsules using moromi vinegar stock solution concentrated 10 times.

Amino acids lead you into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed!!

Sleep consists of REM sleep and Non REM sleep. The deepest sleep stage in Non REM sleep is called "Slow-Wave Sleep",

which is a very important time when more adult growth hormones are produced and more musle and skin are restored.

The amino acid glycine, included in Ryukyu Bakudan has an effect of improving the sleep quality by faster and longer deep sleep,

that makes us awaken refreshed the next morning!!

Stop hangovers with amino acids!!

Acetaldehyde is broken down after the alcohol metabolism takes place in the liver. However, excessive consumption of alcohol leaves some of it in our body, causing symptoms of hangovers.

Amino acids, especially arginine works on accelerating alcohol metabolism by reinforcing detoxication system in the liver.

It is expected to have an effect on preventing hangovers when you take amino acids before drinking alcohol.  When you do get a hangover, amino acids could help supplied the necessary nutrients to the liver, thereby helping increase the functions of the liver.

  * Please note that Ryukyu Bakudan is not a medicine for hangover,

 but a supplement that accelerates the breakdown of alcohol so as to protect the liver, and stomach and intestines.

Recover from fatigue!!

Pyruvic acid generates a lot of lactic acid in the body which could be considered to be a cause of fatigue. With the accumulation of lactic acid, fatigue will be stocked piled.

Citric acid included in Ryukyu Bakudan will convert the lactic acid to energy by the citric acid cycle.

The cause of fatigue will be changed to energy.

Amino acids work on the liver, and stomach and intestines.

The metabolism for the detoxication system in the liver will be improved.

Prevent hangovers by taking amino acids before going drinking.

When you have a hangover

sufficent nutrients needed for the liver will be supplied.

Nutrients per sachet with 2.3g

Energy:12kcal/ Protein: 0.8g/ Fat: 0.8g/ Carbohydrate: 0.4g/ Soddium: 4.22mg

Amino acid

Arginine: 58.42mg/ Lysine: 28398mg/ Histidine: 6.90mg/ Phenylaalanine: 16.79mg/ Tyrosine: 7.59mg/ Leucine: 24.84mg/ Isoleucine: 13.11mg/ Methionine: 6.21mg/ Valine: 23.92mg/ Alanine: 74.52mg/ Glycine: 147.89mg/ Proline: 86.71mg/ Gultaminc acid: 86.48mg/ Serine: 25.76mg/ Threonine: 17.48mg/ Aspartic acid: 47.38mg/ Tryptophan: 0.23mg/ cystine: 3.45mg

Organic acid: Citric acid: 67.16mg

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