Okinawa purple Yam Powder in Bulk (for your eyes)

 Okinawa Sweet Potatoes were recently highlighted as being one of the top Superfoods for their anitoxidant levels. The antioxidant known as anthocyanin is the pigment which is responsible for the brilliant purple color of the flesh. It is the same gigment that gives blueberries, red grapes and red cabbages their color. Blueberries are well known for theri high antioxcidant levels, however, the Okinawan sweet potato actually has 150 percent more antioxidants than blueberries. Anthocyanin is included in Okinawa Sweet Potato at 369.1mg per 100g and in Blueberries at 89.0mg per 100g. You can apply its powder for tart cakes, pie cakes, ice cream, milk shake and even for eye supplements
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
1kg 1kg/bag JPY2,900  
 10kg  1kg x 10 bags  JP28,100  400*300*250/10.7
 Chomeiso Green Juice Powder in stick (90g: 3g x 30 packs)
         This product is green vegetable powder juice which contains Chomeiso (from Yonaguni Island, Okinawa), Rutin and Chlorogenic acid (both of them are a kind of polyphenol) and it has been spread gradually as Okinawa Powder Vegetable..
  Thr price in red will be applied on and after July 1, 2024 due to the production cost hike.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
 90g/box  20 boxes  JPY1,980
   in bulk 
 per Kg  JPY9,500  
 10kg  JPY91,000  
 Fiber Seven ( 180g: 12g x 15 packs)

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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
 180g/box   12 boxes  JPY980  300*400*220/3.7
 Kumisukuchin Extract Tablets ( 90g: 300mg x 300 tabs)
   This product is born to the results of research in Okinawa prefecture, Japan, which contains Rosmarinic acid (Kumisukuchin polyphenols) extract as useful components.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
 90g/bottle   20 bottles  JPY  320*370*140/7.9
 Okinawa Noni Power (Noni Juice: 500ml)
   This product is fermented and appropriate aged Okinawa-made Noni (Morinda citrifolia) fruits. Not adding preservative processing and sweeteners in this product.

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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
 500ml/bottle   12 bottles  JPY2,800  270*350*255/12.5
 Okinawa Shikwasa (Hirami Lemon Juice 500ml)

 This product is squeezed whole fruits of Okinawa-made Shikwasa (Hirami Lemon). Not adding sweeteners in this product.

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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm/kg)
 500ml/bottle   12 bottles  JPY1,820  275*365*260/12.1
  in bulk 
  per Kg  JPY11,700  
 10kg  JPY104,000  
  Green Juice of Nangokukeisai 60g (2g x 30 packs)
   Uses handpicked leaves of Okinawa Yonaguni-jima chomei gusa grown under the tropical sun and in the mineral rich envioroment resulted from the Japan Kuroshio Current. Okinawa bitter melon and dietary fiber have been added to chomeigusa, that contains rutin and chlorogenic acid, and provided as an easy to take chlorophyll juice.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
 60g/bag   20 bags  JPY1,200  395*475*250/2.6
  Fermented Bagasse Powder in bulk
   Fermented Bagasse is dietary fiber extracted from sugar cane grown in Okinawa, which contains xylooligosaccharide.Sugar cane is cultivated throughout Okinawa. The by-product of sugar extraction (sugar juice extracted from sugar cane is a raw material for white or brown refined sugar) is a fiber called Bagasse, which is then fermented using steam explosion treatment.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
10kg/bag  JPY52,000 1
JPY 41,600 10 
  March of Kuga ( for your bones and muscles )
      Lesser yam called "kuga yam" and cultivated in Okinawa, is a kind of a yam. Called "Phamtom Okinawan yam" as well, so that low production amount due to required a lot of works. Recommendable for people who sense age diminished their strength. Designed how consumers can take 2g of Lesser yam per day.Please utilize it as to form a healthy body.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
x 240 tbs
25 bottles JPY4,390 Less carton
JPY3,900 1 carton
  Getto (Moon Peach / 月桃) powder in bulk
    Getto-leaf           powder

  Leaves & flowers
  Alpinia zerumbet, commonly known as shell ginger, is a perennial species of ginger native to East Asia. They can grow up to 8 to 10 ft tall and bear colorful funnel-shaped flowers. They are grown as ornamentals and their leaves are used in cuisine and traditional medicine. Wikipedia
  In Okinawa, those leaves have been traditionally used for wrapping rice cakes to prevent insect pects, and now its powder is used for kneading into buckwheat flour, thus improving the flavor of pasta and/or soba neelde.
  A noteworthy fact is that polyphenol whose content (2,900mg/100g) in the powder is about 12 times as much as in redwine (237mg/100ml).
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
1kg/bag 10 bags/cn JPY8,960 Less carton
JPY8,320 1 carton
  Memory charge ( for the aged to maintain the memories)
          Products labled as "maintaining memory (the ablility to remember and recall words, figures, etc.), which is part of the cognitive function of middle aged and elderly people.
This function has been confirmed and reported by human trials of "Ginko biloba extract".
 It increases blood flow in the brain, and improves brain activity, memory accuracy, judgement acurracy and prevents cognitve decline.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
45g (250mg
x 180 tbs/bag)
200 bags/cn JPY1,800 Less carton
JPY1,690 1 carton
  Ketsuatsu Densetsu ( for lowering high blood pressure)
      Effects of GABA;
It lowers high blood pressure.
Made in Okinawa prefecture with Blue papaya fermentation extract, Hemerocallis fulva L. , var. Peucedanum japonicum, Curcuma longa, (Okinawa royal gold), Moringa formulation.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
x 60 tbs
200 bags/cn JPY1,350 Less carton
JPY1,300 1 carton
  Kyusoku Densetsu ( for your good sleep)
      Effects of GABA; improves sleep quality, and relieves mental stress.
 Made in Okinawa prefecture with Blue papaya fermentation extract, Hemerocallis fulva L. var. Peucedanum japonicum, Curcuma longa, (Okinawa royal gold), Moringa formulation.
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
0.1g x 15 tbs x 6 sachets/bag 200 bags JPY1,020 Less carton
JPY980 1 carton
  Manju ( Papaya Enzyme Drink)

      bottle    500ml/350ml

      stick pack

Catchphrase Health & Beauty by improving Intestinal environment

“Manju” is Health Drink made up with the ingredients of Domestic food materials such as Green Papaya and Mozuku seaweed from Okinawa, and Brown rice, Rice bran and Konbu seaweed from some other prefectures in Japan, matured and fermented by Effective Microorganisms (EM).

All the ingredients as well as its production method by long aging with 5 stage fermentation, have never changed since its initial sales.

You can drink it smoothly with no smell and taste despite of being fermented and apply it in various drink and cooking.

We have received many thanks from the users on its effectiveness of improving constipation and immune function.

Patent Registration number

No.5563550Antioxidant and its drink  
     《No.5390589Angiogenesis inhibitor

     No.5525511Therapeutic drug for Nonalcoholic fatty liver.
Ingredients: Water/ Papaya/ Brown rice/ Rice bran/ Seaweed
  Fermented with Lactobaclillus casei, Lactobacillus fermentun, Lactobacillus factis, Lactobacillus plantarun, Xaccharomyces cerevisiae, Saccharomycs fibuligera, Aspergillus Oryzae.
Nutritional value/ 100ml
 Energy kj/ Energy kcal: 0kj/ 0kcal
 Fat: 〈 0.1g                                     Protein: 〈 0.1g
 of which saturates: 0.1g                   Salt: 〈 0.01g
Serve: 10 to 50ml of Manju before meals, diluted with water, fruit juice or tea.
Self life: 18 months when unopened. but once it's opened, use it up within one month due to no preservatives included.
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 Unit  qty/carton
mm/ kg
 Unit price  MOQ
500ml/bottle   20 bottles
JPY3,250 1 carton 
 10 bottles
 350ml/bottle 24 bottles 
JPY2,540  1 carton 
 10ml x 30 packs/box  20 boxes
 JPY1,690  1 carton

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