Kurokoujiyafs Moromisu for Health Support to the Elderly

\\Matayoshi\f\keefe backup\shared files\my pictures\TOMOEKAI\album\P4271362.JPGMizuho no Sato is a government supported, multifunctional special home for the elderly located in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan.  It provides 4 types of services: special care nursing services, home care support services, day care services, and short stay services. It is community-oriented, serving the elderly in Nago City and the surrounding municipalities. 

In line with its goal of providing high quality services, Mizuho no Sato differentiates itself as well by providing tasty, low-calorie, healthy menus to the elderly under their care.  In December 2009, they decided to include Kurokoujiyafs moromisu in their food and beverage offerings.  The managers expect that the rich amino acid and citric acid content of moromisu to provide health support to their staff and the elderly under their care.  gIt is rich in amino acids and citric acid.  So we expect it to provide additional health benefits to the elderly under our care.  Whatfs more, Kurokoujiyafs moromisu is very easy to drink compared to other health drink vinegars so they have no problem drinking it.  So, we are including moromisu as part of our overall value-added care offeringsh, commented the care manager.

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Staff and resident interaction@@ Some of the residents at mealtime


Giving respect to the aged and celebrating longevity. 

Kajimaya celebration at Mizuho no Sato. Kajimaya is an Okinawan celebration honoring those who reach the age of 97 and above.  Here, celebrants are honored by the staff and their families.







Special food prepared at the Kajimaya Celebration.


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