Okinawa Sanpin Tea

Sanpin tea is a synonym of Jasmine tea. Sanpin tea which was popular in China, was spread out in the island of Okinawa since Okinawa was not only culturally but also politically influenced by China through the mutual trades.

Most people believe that Jasmine flowers are made up to be tea, but it is made from green tea and flavor it with jasmine flowers.

Deep and mild flavor goes well with Chinese cuisine and other cooking recipe with meat. You can enjoy the mild and refreshing scent of jasmine.

How to drink:: put the tea leaves in the pot and pour boiled hot water in it so as to enjoy   the flavor.
Ingredients: green tea leaves, jasmine flowers

Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
 Loose leaf 100g 30 bags JPY780/bag  252*384*164/3.7 
Loose leaf 1kg   15 bags JPY2,340/bag  600*400*400/18.0 
 Tea bag
(2g x 100pcs)
10 bag  JPY1,950/bag  264*545*217/4 
Tea bag
(2g x 22pcs) 
25 boxes  JPY560/box  264*545*217/3.3 
 Okinawa Green Tea "Yanbarucha Tea "(loose leaf tea)

   Green tea 1kg
       in bulk

    Brown rice tea
       1kg in bulk
 A subtropical zone of mountains and hills covered with primeval forests, Yanbaru is a place of pristine beauty where a nature remains untouched. Within its distinct biological and zoological environment, it is an ideal place for those who want to go back to nature. And it is so easy to get there. As soon as you arrive in Okinawa, you can go directly to Yanbaru by car from the airport.Tea harvested from the northern part of Okinawa (Yanbaru district) is generally named "Yanbaru Tea", which contains more catechins and polyphenols

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  200g  32 bags  JPY390/bag  545*264*217/8.5  
Green tea
1kg in bulk  
 10 bags   JPY2,210/bag  
 Brown rice tea
1kg in bulk
 10 bags JPY1,170/bag  
 Okinawa Green Tea "Okumidoricha Tea" (loose leaf tea)

A) First harvest
B) Second harvest

 The tea plantations spread on the moutains of Kunigami At the northernmost point of Kunigami Village, even further past Hedo Point, is where Oku is located. The cambered tea plantations located here are well renowned for their quality. Harvesting comes earliest in Japan - mid-March - and hundreds of tourists visit every year, drawn by the irresistible fragrance. Oku's tea is indeed its specialty good, favored by locals as well
Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
A)  100g 36 bags JPY1,040/bag  252x384x164/3.7 
A) 1kg in bulk   10 bags  JPY10,400/bag  
B) 100g 36 bags  JPY600/bag  252*384*164/3.7 
B) 1kg in bulk  10 bags JPY5,850/bag   
 Blended Gyokuro Tea with Uji gyokuro tea (loose leaf)

  Uji Gyokuro 70g
 Gyokuro is made only with the earliest leaf buds of the spring harvest. The tea is grown under shade cover (using reed or straw screens) for 20 days before harvesting begins. Growing the tea in diffuse sunlight reduces photosynthesis in the young leaf buds. As a result, the tea plant produces more chlorophyll, which changes the proportions of the sugars, amino acids, caffeine and flavanols that contribute to the color, aroma and taste. Less exposure to sunlight results in a mild and sweet flavor and less astringency.

how to drink
Gyokuro tea is best served in small white cups (approx. 30ml). For 3 servings use 1.5 table spoons ( 8g ) of tea, 100 ml of water at a temperature of 40-60℃, and let it draw for between one and a half minute and three minutes for the first infusion. For a second infusion use water of higher temperature than for the first and let the tea draw for only a few seconds before pouring it into the cups.
The first infusion will give a full-bodied tea while the second and consecutive infusions will be lighter.

Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
  100g (A) 30 bags   JPY2,090/bag  208x337x232/3.7   
 100g (B)  JPY1,560/bag
100g (C)   JPY1,170/bag
1kg in bulk (A)  4 bags   JPY19,500/bag 208x337x232/4.8  
 1kg in bulk (B)  JPY14,300/bag
"Rikyu" 70g   30 bags JPY1,000/bag   
"Rikyu"1kg  10 bags   JPY13,300/bag  
 Matcha Uji Tea (ground powder)

    powder form

      30g/tin can

    sumire 1kg
 This high-quality Matcha (powdered Tencha green tea) is designed to prepare "usucha" (thin tea) for the Japanese tea ceremony. Produced by steaming, drying and grounding Gyokuro tea, the result is a deep emerald tea with a rich, subtle sweetness and layers of flavor.

Brewing Recommendation: Put 2 teaspoons in a Matcha bowl and pour 4 tablespoons of hot water (65º C) over the tea. Whisk rapidly until a thin layer of foam appears.

200g and 500g Matcha in aluminum bag have none labels on the bags.

They are suitable for application and additives to cakes, ice cream and cookings.
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 30g/ tin can 6 cans  JPY730/can  85*175*115/440g 
Sumire 1kg 10 bags JPY4,550/bag 273x545x.222/10.86 
   Sumire 1kg will be shipped in a month after your firm order.
Sales of "Sumire 500g" has been discontinued.
 Matcha Sarter Kit MY-50 from Japanese top brand

Matcha Starter Kit:- This gift-wrapped boxed set contains all you
need to enjoy a bowl of match: a beautiful chawan/Japanese tea
bowl; a chashaku/bamboo tea scoop; a chasen/bamboo tea whisk; a chakin/linen tea cloth; and 20g matcha/green powdered tea fro
Koyama-en, the Japanese tea plantation reknowned for their
award winning tea.
Sales of Matcha Starter Kit MY-50 has been discontinued.
 Please click How to make Matcha tea
 Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  package info(mm/kg)/set
  MY-50 10kits JPY5,460/kit 152x97x225/0.64 
Chasen "常穂”   10 pcs  JPY2,400/pc  
 Fermented Turmeric Tea (tea bag)
  2g*60 bags/box

  2g*27 bags/box
 Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.), which is classified into the curcuma genus in the gingerfamily originated in the tropics of Asia, has long been in Okinawa as a folk medicine mainlyfor the liver since the era of Ryukyu Dynasty. Also, turmeric is widely used in curry powderamong the Japanese and a lot of reports on the efficacy of turmeric have been found.However, use of turmeric as a food material has been limited because of its generic bitterness. Thus, the manufacturer has successfully developed fermented turmeric having improved tastiness, increased anti-oxidative activity and increased mineral content by fermenting turmeric with a group of lactobacillus and this has realized daily use of turmeric in an easier fashion than ever.
Nutrients: Energy: 6kcal/ Protein: 0g/ Fat: 0g/ carbohydrate: 1.5g/ sodium: 1.5mg
How to drink: 2 packs (4g) for 1.5L water after infusion. But you can drink it like the other teas in tea bag in cup with pouring hot water
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  2g x60bags/box 20 boxes JPY2,280/box 230*653*350/5.7 
2gx27bags/box  24 boxes  JPY1,170/box 360*450*190/3.75 
 Fermented Guava Tea (2g x 60 tea packs)
   Guava is one of the fruits planted in each home garden for daily desert in Okinawa, and its leaves has been applied for tea since long ago. These products are manufactured with 100% Okinawa guava leaves by the fermentation technology. Fermented guava includes abundant dietary fiber, niacin, calcium, iron and vitamin B. It is so suitable for those who goes on a diet that it can block absorbing saccharide, and also effective of preventing diabetes and blood pressure rise. Quercetin was increased by 4.5 times for the fermentation. It was proved that quercetin has an effect on removing
active oxygen which affects life-related diseases.
Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
  2g x60packss/bag 20 bags JPY2,250/bag 655*230*350/5.7 
 Herbal blended Tea "Horaisenju Tea"62g/ tea bag (2g x 31 packs)

 Using the ingredients favorite among Okinawan people of days gone by, mugwort, guava , bitter melon, and turmeric, we have blended 23 varieties of wildflowers to create this wildflower tea. In order to bring out the effectiveness of this wildflower tea we added agarcus mycelia and shiitake mycelia to create ‘Houraisenju Tea’.
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Unit   Qty/CN  Unit Price  MOQ
  2g x 31packs/box  24 boxes   JPY1,100/box  1 carton
 JPY1,000/box 10 cartons 
 JPY950/box 50 cartons 
100g/bag  24 bags  JPY780/bag Less carton 
JPY650/bag  1 carton 
 38 herbal blended teas "Fukujurai A"

 Fukujurai A is a compound of 38 different kinds of herbs, contining trace elements ofvarious minerals such as calcium as well as amino acids. Daily consumption of this healthy tea facilitates the excretion of waste matte from the body. Everyone, from infants to the elderly, can drink Fukujurai A. And it doesn’t matter if you drink it hot or cold, making it possible to consume all year round. We have confidence in the taste and flavor of our tea based on satisfactory results achieved over the last two decades. It is guaranteed to keep all of you in great condition every day. Now is a good time to start drinking Fukujurai A.
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Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc MOQ

2g x 30 packs

50 boxes
 JPY780/box one carton 
 JPY670/box 3 cartons 
6.5g x 60 packs 
25 boxes 
JPY2,470/box  one carton 
JPY2,130/box  3 cartons 
  Guava tea 50g (2g x 25 packs)


Okinawa made Guava rich in vitamins and minerals, whose leaves are roasted for heathy tea.

Guavas are cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries for their edible fruit and juice. Guava is believed to have sugar lowering properties to help diabetics lower their sugar count. While testing is not fully conclusive, results have been promising as a natural means to help diabetics combat high sugar.

Put a tea bag in the tea pot and pour hot water of 0.5L, and drink it for your favorite extraction.
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Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
2g x 25 packs/box 15 boxes JPY624/box 290*400*220/2.5 
  Orthosiphon Stamineus Tea 75g (3g x 25 packs)


This product is made with Orthosiphon Stamineus in Okinawa under sure and severe quality control from planting, harvesting and merchandising. It is one of the leading Okinawan Health Teas.

Orthosiphon Stamineus(Malay: misai kucing) is widely planted in tropical areas, belongs to perilla family in the perennial herbs and it is one of the representative herbs in Okinawa as well as turmeric and guava. 

The two general species, Orthosiphon stamineus “purple" and Orthosiphon stamineus “white” have essential medicinal properties able to treat diabetes, kidney and urinary disorders, high blood pressure and bone or muscular pain.  Cat whisker also known as java tea has been introduced in the western since early 20th century.Though it is popular as a medicinal herb , the fact is, it is also tasty as a drink.The preparation of java tea is similar as other tea. It is soaked in hot boiling water for about 3 minutes, before add honey or milk.It can be easily prepared as garden tea from the dried leaves in tea-bag.
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Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
3g x 25 packs/box 15 boxes JPY624/box 290*400*220/2.5 
  Turmeric Tea 75g (3g x 25 packs)


This product uses 100% Okinawan curcuma longa., with which healthy tea is made  by quality controll from cultivation to commercialization. Turmeric (Ukon in Japanese) originally grows in South east Asia, which belongs to ginger family. Turmeric is one of Okinawan representative herbs along with guava and Orthosiphon Stamineus. In Japan, especially in Okinawa, many a bottled turmeric teas are sold for daily heath care even at the vending machines. In addition, it is common here in Okinawa to dilute hard liquor with turmeric tea for helping the liver with breaking down the alcohol. Curcumin is known for its antitumor, antioxidant and anti-amyloid and anti-inflammatory properties.

Put a tea bag in the tea pot and pour 0.5L of boiled hot water in it, and drink it for your favorite extraction
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Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
3g x 25 packs/box 15 boxes JPY624/box 290*400*220/2.5 
  Kuansor Tea 100g (loose tea)


This herbal plant has long been applied on cooking remedy and tea in various country for promoting sound sleep and tranquility.

This herb is commonly known to the west as daylily while to China and other Asian countries as Golden needles or Kquanzo and to Okinawa as Kuwanso, which has been applied on cooking and tea for sound sleep and tranquilizer. It has widely and commonly taken in China, Japan and other Asian countries that there would be some sleeping substances in the plant of Kquanzo or daylily, but it had no evidence which agent in the plant is effective for sleeping promotion. However,

It was released to be specified on the date of August 25, 2007 that OXYPINNATANINE was a  substance promoting sleep by Dr. Urade of Osaka Bioscience Institute and Professor Konishi of Doshisha Womens College of Arts in the forum of Sleep 2007 at Okinawa Business Assistance Center.

The leaf tea and in tea bag are available.

You can enjoy Kquanzo Tea like other green tea, which is recommended to drink it after dinner. Youll be captured with its taste and aroma.

Unit  Qty/CN  Price/pc  carton info
100g/bag 8 bags JPY1,220 550*335*160/1.3 
  Gin-cha tea (tea bag type)

  Gincha-tea is abundant in minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, whose tea is made up with fermented leucaena and adla
Gincha-tea is abundant in minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. As for calcium, its content is fifty times as much as that in oolong tea. It's organic. No synthetic additives and preservatives are included. It's so healthy that no tannin and caffeine are included, that should be suitable for from the chilren to the elder.
Ingredients: fermented leucaena and adlay
Contents of minerals (per 12g): calcium: 30 to 60 mg/ potassium: 169mg/ magnesium: 18mg/
phoshoric: 16mg/ iron: 0.13mg/ zinc: 144 micro gr/ manganese: 528 micro gr/ copper: 7 micro gr/ serine: 1.5 micro gr/
Unit  Qty/CN  Price/bag  MOQ  carton info
4g x 20 packs/bag 50 bags JPY720 1 cn  285*395*250/5.5 
4g x 60 packs/bag   20 bags JPY1,800  2 cns  285*395*250/6.0 

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