Cleansing gel 120g "Acerola chura Stories" (s
        Cleansing gel, which is excellent in moisture retention with low
irritation and refreshing after washing the face.
 You'll feel it satisfied for your make-up.
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120g/ bottle   63   JPY2,160 Less carton
JPY1,870 one carton
 Water gel cream 80g "Acerola Chura stories"
       Water gel cream, which is made up with organic ingredients and ceramide soursed from water with low irritation.
You can apply it not only on the face but also on the whole body.
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80g/ bottle   50   JPY2,700 Less carton
JPY2,340 one carton
 Essence EX 30ml "Acerola Chura Stories"
         It is extravesion essence that comprises organic ingredients and much placenta extracted with high pressure.
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30ml/ bottle   108   JPY4,050 Less carton
JPY3,510 one carton
 Facial Soap 100g "Acerola Chura Stories"
              Natural ingredients of Okinawa such Acerola as well as Shell ginger and Mozuku seaweed are abudantly included.
 Mild foam soursed from plants and sour-sweet aroma of acerola make your skin brighter and smoother.
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100g/ tube   100   JPY1,800 Less carton
JPY1,560 one carton
 Lotion 120ml "Acerola Chura Stories"
        Extract from Okinawa natural plants good for the skin, permeats the stratum corneum like water grdually does to be fully moisturized skin.
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120ml/ bottle   100   JPY2,020 Less carton
JPY1,760 one carton
 Essence 30ml "Acerola chura stories"
                Moisturizers such as acerola rich in quantity and corn extract care your skin while you ae sleeping and you'll be surprised with your skin brighter and cleare the monent you wake up in the morning.
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30ml/ bottle   100   JPY2,890 Less carton
JPY1,930 one carton

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