Moromi vinegar products
 Ryukyu Moromi vinegar 720ml with sugar

  20L/Baron box
 This product has obtained the Gold prize of Monde selection for consecutive three years of 2005, 2006 and 2007.

ingredients: rice koji mold, brown sugar, rice vinegar

Moromi Vinegar is liquid extracted from rice mash after distillation of Awamori liquor which is peculiar to Okinawa. Moromi vinegar specializes in much contents of amino and citric acid. It' s much easier to drink so that the sourness is quite different from that of other vinegars with acetic acid due to citric acid. It's adjusted in flavor with brown sugar for easier intake even for the younger generation.
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ
 720ml/bottle   12 bottles 
 JPY1,300  1 carton
 JPY1,000 10 cartons 
Baron box
1 box
 JPY9,400 30 cartons 
 JPY7,100 50 cartons 
 JPY6,300 100 cartons 
Ryukyu Moromi vinegar 900ml with no sugar

    20L Baron box

This moromi vinegar includes no flavor. It's pure moromi vinegar. You can enjoy it straight in its own flavor.  Otherwise, you can adjust it with addition of honey, syrup or whatever you like.

Moromi vinegar is a fermented vinegar made from moromi, a by-product of Awamori, Okinawa's traditional liquor. Moromi does not contain any alcohol

Some of the benefits accorded to Moromi are reduced blood sugar level, lower cholesterol readings, and it is touted even helping to burn body fat. According to Japan Food Analysis Center study, Moromi contains plenty of vitamin B1, B2 and B6, minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and amino acids. It is also rich in citric acids
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ
 900ml/bottle   12 bottles 
 JPY1,300  1 carton
JPY1,000   10 cartons
Baron box
1 box  
 JPY8,300 30 cartons 
JPY6,500  50 cartons 
 JPY5,200 100 cartons 
1 bag/carton
JPY372,000   2 cartons
 Ryukyu Moromi vinegar 720ml with lemon

Made up to be Momormi vinegar with fruity flavor by harmonized
compassion of Shequasar citrus lemon, Mromi vinegar and high fructose
corn syrup. /Citric acid:
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price   MOQ
 720ml/bottle    12 bottles 
 JPY1,300  1 carton
 JPY1,000  10 cartons
 Ryukyu Moromi vinegar 720ml with acerola

Made up to be Momormi vinegar with the ingredients of Malted rice, Collagen peptide, Granulated sugar, Brewing vinegar, Acerola juice, Astaxanthin, Citric acid, and Honey.
 ASTACOLLANO is the brand name.
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price   MOQ
 720ml/bottle   12 bottles   JPY1,820  1 carton
 JPY1,520  10 cartons
 Kurokouji Moromi vinegar 720ml with no sugar

 This product is Moromi vinegar with no addition and no reduction for adjusting its flavor

Nutrients per 100ml:

energy: 38kcal/ protein: 3.0g/ fat: 0g/ carbohydrate: 6.7g/ Sodium: 3.7mg/

iron: 0.22mg/ calcium: 6.7mg/  magnesium: 12.6mg/ phosphorus: 43.0mg/

zinc: 0.9mg/ riboflavin: 0.18mg/ fructose: 0g/ glucose: 0.04g/ sugar: 0g/

maltose: 0g/ lactic acid: 0g/

Citric acid: 1000mg

Amino acid:  Isoleucine: 95mg/ Valine: 130mg/ Glycine:165mg/ Gultamic acid: 403mg/ Threonine: 103mg/ Tryptophan:18mg/  Lysine:123mg/ Leucine :137mg/ Threonine: 103mg/ Phenylalanine: 88mg/ Methionine: 30mg/ Alanine: 262mg/  Proline: 150mg/ Serine: 123mg/ Aspartic acid: 247mg/ Cystine: 54mg/ Histidine: 69mg/ Arginine: 269mg

Ingredients: Malted rice
  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ
 720ml/bottle   12 bottles   JPY1,000  1 carton
 JPY600 5 cartons 
baron box  
 JPY9,800  5 cartons 
 JPY9,100 10 cartons 
 Kurokouji Moromi vinegar 720ml with sugar

 Moromi vinegar is soft drink with citric acid, which is made of malted rice after natural fermentation during the production process of Awamori Okinawan liquor.

Nutrients per 100ml:

energy: 105kcal/ protein: 2.6g/ fat: 0g/ carbohydrate: 23.7g/ Sodium: 4.5mg/

iron: 0.42mg/ calcium: 14.6mg/  magnesium: 12.7mg/ phosphorus: 37.7mg/

riboflavin: 0.15mg/

Citric acid: 940mg/ malic acid: 90mg/ succinic acid: 110mg/

acetic acid: 180mg

Amino acid:  Isoleucine: 88mg/ Valine: 106mg/ Glycine:138mg/ Gultamic acid: 298mg/ Tryptophan:18mg/  Lysine:137mg/ Leucine :110mg/ Threonine: 97mg/ Phenylalanine: 66mg/ Methionine: 27mg/ Alanine: 182mg/  Proline: 129mg/ Serine: 117mg/ Aspartic acid: 224mg/ Cystine: 53mg/ Histidine: 61mg/ Arginine: 234mg

Ingredients: malted rice, soft brown sugar, brown sugar, rice vinegar
  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ
 720ml/bottle   12 bottles   JPY1,100   1 carton
 JPY720 5 cartons 
 20L/baron box    1 box    JPY17,470  5 cartons 
 JPY15,650 10 cartons 
 JPY10,400 50 cartons 
 Ryukyu Bakudan
 5 tablets/sachet
     6 sachets/bag
 10 sachets/box
 20 sachets/sheet
  160 tablets/bag
  73.6g (469ng x 160 tbs)

Ryukyu Bakudan, all-mighty supplement

A gift from Okinawan supplement with great efficacy, sourced from 10 times condensed Moromi vinegar power.

Ryukyu Bakudan is formed in soft capsule for easy take, which includes abundant citric acid and amino acids. Citric acid has an antioxidative effect on blood circulation and high blood pressure, so that it can be expected to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

And moreover, it works on restraining lactic acid from its increasing in our body, that may recover from body fatigue at the soonest

We recommend it to those who take much care of their health and beauty. And you can recover yourself from hang-over and fatigue. It is packed in a sachet for easy carry.

Great efficacy with a simple dose in the sachet

A sachet includes 5 tablets for 450mg x 5 tablets.
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  Unit Qty/ cn
 Unit price  MOQ
Flat bag type 
6 sachets/bag
 40 bags
 JPY630   1 carton
 JPY470  5 cartons
 Box type 
10 sachets/box
 15 boxes
 JPY1,300   1 carton
 JPY840  5 cartons
 Canlender sheet type 
20 sachets/sheet
 5 sheets
 JPY2,600   1 carton
 JPY1,670  5 cartons
 Economy type bag
160 tablets/bag
 10 bags
 JPY2,460   1 carton
 JPY1,970  10 cartons
 Ryukyu Bakudan in bulk  10,000 tablets 
 JPY112,000 1 carton 
 JPY76,500 5 cartons 
 JPY66,300 10 cartons 
 SouSou 900ml (Blessings from land and sea)
 SouSou is a fermented plant extract consisting of 12 varieties of carefully selected locally grown native wildflowers that have been fermented with lactic acid bacterium. Added to this base is the best from the Okinawan land and sea, including moromi vinegar, fucoidan extracted from mozuku, and noni juice. This is a highly recommended health supplement.
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ 
 900ml/bottle   12 bottles     JPY2,360   1 carton
 JPY2,250 10 cartons 
JPY2,100  50 cartons 
JPY2,000  84 cartons 
 12 bottles  JPY1,980  84 cartons
 20L/bag in bulk  1 bag
JPY38,000 50 cartons 
 kurokouji Moromi vinegar 900ml with shequasar)
Moromi vinegar is a naturally fermented drink rich with citric acid and isa by-product of the process of manufacturing Okinawa Awamori liquor.Morris vinegar is made after removing the alcohol from the rawmaterials after the fermentation using koji mold and yeast.
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ 
900ml/bottl    12 bottles   JPY1,160    1 carton 
JPY900   5 cartons
baron box  
 JPY12,150  1 carton 
 JPY11,700 5 cartons 
 Moromi vinegar powder 10kg in bulk
       50g Moromi vinegar powder/bag is available for your evaluation as a sample. Please feel free to ask it with your shipping addess and contact phone.
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per 100g
Citric acid: 2280mg

Amino acid:  Isoleucine: 290mg/ Valine: 400mg/ Glycine:480mg/ Gultamic acid: 1100mg/ Threonine: 320mg/ Tryptophan:20mg/  Lysine:400mg/ Leucine :400mg/ Threonine: 320mg/ Phenylalanine: 260mg/ Methionine: 90mg/ Alanine: 740mg/  Proline: 450mg/ Serine: 360mg/ Aspartic acid: 730mg/ Cystine: 120mg/ Histidine: 200mg/ Arginine: 690mg/ Tyrosine: 290mg//

Ingredients: Dextrin/ Moromi vinegar/ Corn starch/
  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price   MOQ
 per kg  1 bag  JPY4,900/kg   Less 10kg
    10kg     1 bag    JPY44,800/10kg 10kg and more 
 JPY43,400/10kg 50kg and more 
 JPY42,000/10kg 100kg and more 
 GABAmin 720ml)
 .This product is a vinegar taste soft drink mixed with "lactic fermentation juice"from Okinawa green papaya fermented & rich in GABA and "brewed vinegar" rich in amino acid made by Kume-sen brewery Co., Ltd. We especially recommend, when you get stressed, have difficulty with your sleep, or if you want to improve your life style. GABAmin is a product of "collaboration project" recognized by the Misistry of Economy, Trade and Industry and collaborated with Okinawa Ham Savoury Food Company, Kume-sen brewery Co., Ltd. and Okinawa Products Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ 
 720ml/bottle  12 bottles    JP1,430   1 carton
 JPY1,280 10 cartons 
JPY1,140 50 cartons 
 Papa Shikwasa 720ml)
 This product is health drink contained Nobiletin from Okinawa Shikwasa, Shikwasa fermented extract, and GABA from papaya fermented extract. Nobiletin is the component that is well studeied these days and reported as the one of active components for lifestyle related diseases. In addition, GAGA is one of amino acids and it supports and enhances your relaxation. This collaboration will create a multiple effect for your body.
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  Unit Qty/ cn  Unit price  MOQ 
 720ml/bottle  12 bottles    JPY2,730   1 carton
 JPY2,380 10 cartons 
JPY2,210  50 cartons 

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