10kg in bulk

      1g x  45sachets
 "Donan" is made from the natural fossil coral resources of Okinawa's Yonaguni Island.
The natural fossilized coral was processed into a fine powder (3.3 micron), devoid of any chemical additives.
Without tase or smell, Donan can be added to everyday cooking for naturual and effective calcium intake so that
it contains every mineral in similar proportion found in the human body.
Donan is an all-purpose fossilized coral calcium and mineral powder, and is ready to mix with soups,
baby foods, drinks, cereals, ice cream and all foods.
   Daily Dosage: 1g to 2g
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 Unit  Qty/Carton  Unit Price  MOQ
 10kg/ bag  
 1 bag  
JPY 52,000  1 carton
10 cartons 
 120g/ bottle  
 36 bottles  
 JPY7,800 Less carton qty 
 JPY5,850 1 carton 
 1g x 45 sachets
 36 boxes  
JPY 3,900  Less carton qty
 JPY2,930  1 carton

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