Fermented Turmeric Tablets

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  With a bright orange appearance, the color is that of curcumin in the turmeric. Our Fermented Turmeric is produced with our patented processing methods, using autumn turmeric that is rich in crucumin, sugarcane syrup (refinery molasses) abundant in mineral content, and lactic acid. Our very own production methods have improved the bitter taste and unique scent of natural turmeric, and our product is made without added diluents.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
 50g /bottle
(200mg x 250 tbs)  
 24    JPY1,820  1 cartpm
JPY1,560  10 cartons 
JPY1,460  50 cartons 
(200mg x 500 tbs)  
36    JPY3,250  1 carton 
 JPY2,930 10 cns 
 jPY2,600  50 cns
200gm x 1,000tbs
500tbs x 2bags/box
20 \5,200   1 carton
\4,680  10 cartons 
 Fermented Turmeric Powder

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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
 10 kg in bulk     1     JPY145,800  1 cartons
 JPY126,100  10 cartons
100g/bottle  24  JPY 2,100 1 carton 
 Fermented Turmeric Tea
         large size
        small size

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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
2g x 60 tea bags
JPY2,280 1 carton
2g x 27 tea bags 
JPY1,170  1 carton 
 Hangover Buster "Premium Shugo Densetsu"



 Those Shugo Densetsu has been more fortified with its ingredients as "Premium Shugo Densetsu "described in the specification by clicking the second and third lower picture.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton
 Unit Price  MOQ
6 packs /bag  199 and less  JPY960 Less cn 
JPY860 1 carton
JPY800  2 carton 
20 sachets/sheet   20 sheets 
 JPY3,510 1 carton 
 JPY2,580 6 cartons 
 Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules (239mg x 90 caps)

 A supplement using turmeric and the latest technology. This product uses patented nano capsule technology to combine Autumn turmeric and curcumin rich tropical turmeric. Three capsules deliver 30mg of curcumin! An ideal product for those who want a supplement that is both easy to swallow and doesnft require a handful of capsules to achieve results.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
(239mg x 90 caps)
  30   JPY2,100 Less cn
JPY1,800 1 carton 
JPY1,700   10 cartons
 Turmeric Sterile Powder in bulk
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
10kg in bulk Upon your requested qty JPY5,850/kg Less 10kg
 JPY5,590/kg 10kg and more
 Spring, Autumn, Purple turmeric tablets (200mg x 650 tabs)

Spring Turmeric contains high levels of curcumin and essential oils, while Autumn Turmeric has high levels of curcumin and Purple Turmeric is plentiful in essential oils. The best parts of each type of turmeric have been carefully extracted and combined into an exquisite blend to produce these easy to swallow capsules.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
(200mg x 650tabs) 
  20    JPY2,565 Less cn
JPY2,050 1 carton 
JPY1,800  10 cartons
JPY1,540  50 cartons 
 Spring turmeric tablet + Agaricus (100mg x 1300 tabs)

This product is a dietary supplement cntaining turmeric powder grown in Okinawa and Agaricus extract. Recommended for maintaining daily health.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
(100mg x 1,300 tbs) 
  20     JPY2,600 Less cn
JPY2,100 1 carton 
JPY1,850  10 cartons
JPY1,540   50 cns
 NANO Autumn Turmeric Extract 120g (2g x 60 sachets)


We are using Nano technology capsule to improvement in bioavailablity conpared to existing products is expected, and the products are palatable and effects from a small quantity are expected. (Product contains about 35.6g of Autumn turmeric extract.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
(2g x 60 sachets)
  8    JPY18,500 Less cn
JPY16,500 1 carton 
JPY14,500  10 cartons
 LIVER DETOX " Osake Jogo " (250mg x 5 tablets/ sachet)


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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
5 tablets/sachet   500   sachets    JPY63 1 carton
 5 sachts/bag  144 bags    JPY337 1 carton 
JPY317   5 cartons
16 sachets/sheet   10 sheets   JPY1,040  1 carton 
JPY975  10 ccartns 

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