Foaming Cleanser 150g (Step 1) (s
        This cleanser contains kucha (sea silt) that removes excess sebum and impurities by abosorbing them. Cleansing ingredients derived from plants give a refining feeling after washing your face, and the plant etracts from the products of Okinawa such as shell ginger and passion fruit moisturize your skin.
  Refer to panphlet for each product detailed.
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
150g/ bottle      63      JPY3,822 1 to 5
JPY3276  6 to 11
 JPY2730 12 and 23
JPY2457  25 to 35 
 JPY2184 36 to 62 
JPY1911  63 and more 
 Balancing Lotion 150ml (Step 2)
       Balancing lotion improves your skin condition by moisturizing skin and rightening pores. This lotion contains sweet almond seed extract to firm your skin, and vitamin C derivatives, Aloe vera leaf extract, and Citurs depresa peel extract to smooth your skin.
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Oder qty
150ml/ bottle      63      JPY4,095 1 to 5
 JPY3,510 6 to 11
JPY2,925  12 to 23
JPY2,633   24 to 35
JPY2,340  36 to 62 
 JPY2,048 63 and more 
 Moisturizing Lotion 150ml (Step 2)
         Three kinds of hyaluronans and Selaginella lepidophylla (resurrection plant) extract moisturize the cuticles, and collagen and placetal protein help to achive silky skin.
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
150ml/ bottle      63      JPY4,095 1 to 5
JPY3,510  6 to 11 
JPY2,925  12 to 23 
JPY2,633  24 to 35 
JPY2,340  36 to 62 
JPY2,048   63 and more
 Essence 30ml (Step 3)
        Essence is a composition of 26 kinds of beauty ingredients including Malus domestica (apple) fruit cell culture extract to firm your skin. Vitamin C derivatives and placetal protein also hilp to bring out the smoothness and shineness of your skin.
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
30ml/ bottle      72      JPY7,280 1 to 5
 JPY6,240 6 to 11
 JPY5,200  12 to 23
JPY4,680   24 to 35
JPY4,160  36 to 71 
JPY3,640   72 amd more
 Cream 30g (Step 4)
        The squalance derived from plants and three kinds of hyaluronans penetrate the cuiticles as if melting away to leave behind smooth skin, while plant extract such as sugar cane extract keep skin soft and supple.
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
30g/ bottle       60       JPY7,280 1 to 5
 JPY6,240  6 to 11
 JPY5,200 12 and 23 
 JPY4,80 24 and 35 
JPY4,680  35 tp 50 
 JPY4,160  51 and 59
JPY3,640   60 and more
 Kucha Seaweed Pack 120g (Special item)
        Kucha (sea silt) first absorb excess sebum and inpurities from pores to clear the skin, and then Okinawa Mozuku seaweed extract and algae extract (ingredients derived from seaweed) help to make your skin smooth and moist.
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
120g/ bottle     60     JPY4,368 1 to 5
JPY3,888   6 to 11
JPY3,240  12 to 35
 JPY2,592 36 to 59 
 JPY2,268  60 and more

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