Yaeyama Chlorella is a method of culturing was acquired (No. 3,277,372 patent) patent on "How to enhance the culture of chlorella content of chlorophyll". carotenoid -carotene, -carotene and lutein, such as, there is a clear antioxidant activity and active oxygen pro-vitamin A, to chlorophyll, the effect of your body to excrete dioxin have been reported. Photosynthetic pigment (chlorophyll, carotene, and lutein) Yaeyama Chlorella content is high reputation has been obtained as a green and yellow vegetables.
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 10kg in bulk     1 bag    JPY39,000  1 cn
JPY33,000 8 cns 
JPY31,200  16 cns 
JPY28,600  32 cns 
1 kg    10 bags   JPY4,680  1 cn
JPY4,290  10 cns 

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Chlorella is known as high-protein food. The Yaeyama Chlorella contains much of the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals as well as proteins. In particular, it has the merit of containing much of the natural pigments, such as chlorophyll and carotenoids.

The Yaeyama Chlorella is a domestic, safe and secure product using the Yaeyama Chlorella powder cultivated on Ishigaki Island.
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 10kg in bulk  
 1 bag     JPY60,450  1 cns 
JPY54,600 6 cns 
JPY50,700  16 cns 
 JPY47,450 32 cns 
10 kg in bulk
 1 bag   JPY55,250  6 cns 
JPY47.450  16 cns 
JPY44,200   32 cns
 300 tablets/bottle
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35 bottles   JPY1,500  30 cns
 600 tablets/bottle
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The CHLORELLA ULTRA FINE POWDER was powdered without compromising the quality of the powder of Chlorella according to the manufacturing method and equipment of dried Chlorella ultra fine powder (Patent No. 2916909). It has a beautiful color, and has been widely used for confectionery products, such as cookies, bread, and cake, noodles, and tea as a color material to mix with other products. Furthermore, it can increase the nutritional value by mixing with other foods.

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 10kg/bag     1 bag   JPY61,100  1 cns
JPY52,000  8 cns
 JPY48,100 16 cns 
JPY44,850  32 cns 
(500g x 2pcs)/bag
10 bags   JPY6,695 1 cn 
JPY6,240  10 cns 
 CHLORELLA CAPSULES 180 capsules/bottle
 The product of Chlorella capsules in PE bottle has no lable and box available, which is designed for your private  brand in your country. A vegie capsule (HPMC#1) includes 295mg Yaeyama chlorella powder.

 Unit  Unit price MOQ
 180 capsules/bottle    JPY1,950/bottle 500 bottles
JPY1,760/bottle  1,000 bottles
JPY1,600/bottle 2,000 bottles 
 Chlorella extract comes from boiling extraction from excellent Chlorella, which received a lot of tropical sunshine. We refine and concentrate the extract liquid, and for the prervation of the drink, oligo-sugar, honey and fruit acid are added.
 It can be taken deliciously for anyone from children to older people becasue it is drinkable. Please drink straight or dilute with cold water or hot water about 25ml as for a day.
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  Application to Food:
  Place cereals such as cornflakes, oatmeal and/or dried
  vegies in the cup with the topping of plain yoghurt and pour   the CGF  liquid 30ml by attached cup, that will be perfect   breakfast. Please try it for sure.
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 720ml/bottle    6  JPY6,000  1 cn 
JPY4,800  10 cns 
JPY3,600  30 cns 
JPY3,150  50 cns

The Jefa Liquid contains the Chlorella extract as a main raw material, which was extracted with hot water from Chlorella referred as the blessings of the sun, according to years of research and development. The Chlorella extract, Jefa Liquid, has a reputation as an effective food ingredient in a broad range of food industries for its unique effects of bringing out the original taste of the target food and enhancing its taste. It is recognized under the Food Sanitation Law as a food additive for taste moderating, seasoning, and product manufacturing.


The Jefa liquid is also one of the raw materials made out of the OD-400 with adding some mine salt.

It is used to produce such as noodles and breads because it makes the textures of them relatively better.

It also holds wet and smooth textures of frozen foods when you defrost them.

 Unit  Qty/cn  Unit price Remarks 
 10L/bag     1    JPY21,905 1 cn 
JPY17,550  16 cns 

The OD-1200 is made out of the concentrated (3 times) OD-400 liquid with adding some dextrin.  

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 5 kg/bag     1 bag   JPY174,850  40 cns 


 Yaeyama Chlorella CGF (OD400), that is thermal extracted liquid from chlorella  and it is one of the raw materials commonly used to produce drinks.

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9L /can     1   JPYPY54,080 1 cn
JPY45,700  16 cns
 JPY49,050 32 cns 

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