JA Shequasar Juice 100%

  This beverage is made of juice from Okinawa Shequasar fruit cultivated in the rich, abundant sunshine.
 The inner membrances of shequasars are an excellent source of the functional elements nobiletin and tangeretin. Nobiletin is thought to control blood glucose levels and blood pressure, while tangeretin has proming antioxidant, anti-tumor, and chloresterol-lowering properties. Have some every day and let them support your beauty and health.
 Unit  Qty/cn  Unit Price  MOQ
 95ml/bottle   24 
 JPY185   1 carton
 JPY172 10 cartons
 500ml/bottle   24 
 JPY560 1 carton 
 JPY520 10 cartons 
 Frozen Concentrated JA Shequasar Juice 20kg in bulk
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 Unit  Qty/cn  Unit Price  MOQ
silver gallon can   
 JPY92,400   1 to50
 JPY84,000 51 to 100
 JPY78,960  101 to 300
JPY69,420   301 to 500
 Frozen squeezed JA Shequasar Juice 17kg in bulk
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 Unit  Qty/cn  Unit Price  MOQ
silver gallon can   
 JP13,260 1 to  50
 JPY12,600 51 to 100
 JP12,380  101 to 300
 JPY12,160 301 to 500 

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