Bitter Melon granular in stick pack (3g x 30 packs)
   Goya is the root of the Okinawan people’s vitality.Goya sticks are a supplement made from Okinawa’s “summer” vegetable, the goya, using patented technology that uses the entire goya right down to the seeds. The bitter taste of the vegetable has been suppressed making it easy to drink even for children
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  carton (mm / kg)
 90g/ box  20 boxes  JPY1,976  270*380*125/5.0
 Bitter Melon tablets: 72g (200mg x 360 tabets)
        Since the old days, goya (bitter melon) has been the vegetable of choice in Okinawa to help get through the hot summer days. Goya, grown in the sun drenched fields of Okinawa are rich in vitamin C, β- carotene, vitamin B1, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Ideal for helping you maintain your daily health
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 Unit  qty/carton
 Unit price  MOQ
 72g in bottle   30 bottles 
 JPY1,820/bottle   1 carton 
 per kg 
tablets in bulk
 10 kg 
 JPY17,500/kg  1 carton
 JPY16,250/kg  4 cartons
 Balsam Pear Powder in bulk

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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
 per kg      JPY8,100  Less 10kg
 JPY7,250  10kg
 JPY7,155 100kg 
JPY6,750   200kg
 Balsam Pear Powder in capsule (HPMC:Vegie capsules)/300mg
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 Unit  qty/carton  Unit price  MOQ
 300mg/capsule      JPY11.48  20,000 cps
 JPY9.45  200,000 cps
 JPY8.78 500,00 cps 

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