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 Clear Cleansing Milk 200ML
        We believe milk-type cleansing is optimum to retain fine texture of the skin. it thoroughly removes the make-up,while leaving the skin moisturized. After removing the makeup, skin feels youthfully supple and plump.This is where the creation of your beautiful skin begins.
 *Aloe Vella/ Fermentage Chardonnay B/ Orang Flower    Water/
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
200ml/ bottle   52 
JPY2,920 1 to 5
JPY2,710  6 to 11 
 JPY2,500 12 to 24 
JPY2,380  25 to 36 
JPY2,210 37 to 51 
JPY2,080 one carton
 Moisture Lotion 150ML
          Alction sumptuousiy containing plant derived natural ingredients friendly to the skin. Uniquely formulated with anti] aging "fullerene".  Ful:erene acts as a superior free radical scavenger and has the antioxidant effect of about 125 times more than that of Vitamin C, there by working more effectively to spots, wrinkles and Sagging skin. It retexturizes to achieve
supple and lurninous beautifui skin.
* Aloe Vella/ Glycosyl Trehalose/ Fullerene/ Fermentage Chardonnay B/ Hydrolysis Hyaluronic Acid/ Orange Flower    Water/
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Oder qty
150ml/ bottle   70  
JPY3,830 1 to 5
 JPY3,550  6 to 11
 JPY3,280  12 to 24
 JPY3,120  25 to 36
 JPY2,900  37 to 69
JPY2,730 one carton
 Moisture Essence 40ML
         Essence full of nourishing ingredients fomed in deep seawater. Rich in fullerene, applied with moisture Lotion, it'll make a powerful combination to make skin healthy that wili never be susptible to summertime UV rays, always leading you to youthful, firm and radiant skin. You can apply it in the morning to protect against UV rays and at night to gently repair the damaged skin exposed under UV rays during daytime. (for day and night).
* Aloe Vella/ Deepseawater/ Fullerence/ Fermentage Chardonnay B/ Hydrolysis Hyaluronic Acid/ Orange Flower Water/
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40ml/ bottle   90  
JPY11,110 1 to 5
JPY 10,310  6 to 11
 JPY9,520 12 to 24 
 JPY9,040 25 to 45 
JPY8,410  46 to 89
JPY7,930 one carton
 Moist Balance Gel 50ML
         After replenishing your skin with nourighing ingredients with lotion and essence, use Moist Banlance Gel to firmly seal with the moisture.
Contains Argan Oil to nourishing skin while preventing rehydration. Our high quality moist gel provides treatment without stress to the skin.
* Aloe Vella/ Argan Oil/ Glycosyl Trehalose/ Allantoin/ Fermentage Chardonnay B/ Sukuwaran/Hydrolysis Hyaluronic Acid/ Orange Flower Water/
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50ml/ bottle   84  
JPY3,640 1 to 5
 JPY3,,380  6 to 11
JPY3,120  12 to 24
JPY2,970   25 to 45
 JPY2,760 46 to 83 
JPY2,600 one carton
 Eye Rich Repair Cream 20ML
       An eye cream mainly intended for moisturazation using Argan oil, jojoba oil and shea buter. It has a superio effect to minimize the wrinkles caused by air conditioner or by aging. "Glycosyl Hesperidin" an effective component to improve circulation will worl on puffness, blotchiness and wrinkles applied at night, you will awake to find the areas around your eyes looking more supple. Finally an eye cream that makes this dream come true.
* Aloe Vella/ Argan oil/ Shea Butter/ Glycosyl Trehalose/ Fermentage Charodonnay B/ Hydorlysis Hyaluronic Acid/ Glycosyl Hesperidin/ Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4/ Orange Flower Water/
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
20ml/ tube   118 
JPY5,460 1 to 5
 JPY5,070  6 to 11
JPY4,680  12 to 48
JPY4,450  49 to 72
 JPY4,140  73 to 117
JPY3,900 one carton
 Argan Night Cream 30G
                The last step in your night skincare routine.
After richly infusing nourighing ingredients into the skin, use night cream for complete envelopement. Agan oil is rich in Vitamin E and has multiple functions: skin protection, sterillization, cell restoration and anti-aging effects.
* Aloe Vella/ Argan oil/ Shea Butter/ Glycosyl Trehalose/ Allantoin/ Fermentage Chardonnay B/Hydrolysis Hyaluronic Acid/ Orange Flower Water/
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
30g/ bottle   63  
JPY9,100 1 to 5
JPY8,450 6 to 11 
 JPY7,800  12 to 24
JPY7,410 25 to 36 
 JPY6,890  37 to 62
JPY6,500 one carton
 Salty Moist 100G
                          It is salt soap created in the raw materials of sea salt and the vegitable soap. Because there is no component to damage to the skin, you can use it for sensitive skin and children even in the whole body.
* Soap Raw Materials/ Sea Salt 30%/
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
100g/ box   112  
JPY1,820 1 to 5
JPY1,690 6 to 11 
JPY1,560  12 to 48 
 JPY1,480 49 to 72 
 JPY1,380 73 to 111 
JPY1,300 one carton
 Moisture Cleansing Foam 120G
            Contains Marine Silt as part of the creansing ingredients. As Marine silt formed from microscopic particles, it will penetrate every detail of the surface skin to absorbe the undesired substances embeded in the skin. This also contains Argan oil which helps to lift away impurities and prevent the skin feeling tight after washing. See a brighter tone of your complexion.
* Aloe Vella/ Chardonnay B/ Argan Oil/ Marine Silt/
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Order qty
120g/ tube   50
JPY2,730 1 to 5
JPY2,540 6 to 11 
JPY2,340 12 to 24 
JPY2,230 25 to 36 
JPY2,070  37 to 49 
JPY1,950 one carton
 Moisture Face Mask
                This is a moisturing mask for all women eternal beauty.
Our products aim for aging care, made by revitarizing skin ingredient.
* Aloe Vella/ Argan Oil/ Fullerene/ Hydrolysis Hyaluronic Acid/EGF/ Placenta Extract/
 Unit  Qty/
 Unit Price  Order qty
   1 sheet 285
JPY910 1 to 9
 JPY850 10 to 49 
 JPY780  50 to 99
 JPY740 100 to 199 
 JPY690 200 to 284 
 JPY650 one carton 

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