Company name: Taikoku Distillery Co., Ltd.
Founded: 1952
Address: 90 Tairagawa, Uruma City
TEL: 098-973-3211
FAX: 098-974-1857
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Japan's southernmost refined sake maker has made full use of its brewing techniques to reflect the benefits of the A and B classes of shochu in the taste of awamori.
This distillery, located in the central area of the Okinawan main island, specializes in the awamori brand Hantabaru. It is also Japan's southernmost sake brewery. Because refined sake calls for cold temperatures, the tradition of sake-making did not develop in the southern island of Okinawa. Instead, it nurtured its local distilled liquor called awamori. But the brewery founder, Shigeshi Yasuda, who studied agricultural chemistry at the present Iwate University, decided to challenge the limits of brewing technology in Okinawa.Since the brewery was founded in 1952, Mr. Yasuda has acquired licenses to manufacture A Class shochu, awamori, whiskey, liqueurs and refined sake. In making refined sake, he joined hands with the Reimei Brewery in Nagasaki to create its rich, dry sake, Reimei. The skills nurtured through producing different kinds of alcoholic beverages were put to use to make traditional awamori distilled liquor. Hantabaru is a blend of B Class awamori shochu with A Class shochu and matured to produce awamori that does not have the typically strong smell associated with awamori. The easy-to-drink texture and rich sweetness were made possible through these procedures. The brand is also said to be a healthy drink that does not induce hangovers. This was achieved by removing all impurities.
The brand takes its name from the local place in Gushikawa City* which is the brewery's domicile. 'Hantabaru' is the title of a local folksong. The awamori was named in memory of the old days, when simplicity dominated and the people were rich in spirit. The brewery has also engaged in efforts to preserve the natural environment. The present owner, Yasuharu Yasuda, says that recycling is a natural effort. The brewery reuses bottles after thorough washing and still uses tanks and machinery that were in use before the Okinawa reversion in 1972. One step into the brewery takes us straight back to the old days; it's unique in its blend of traditions and innovations.

 Taikokushuzo Catalogue
 Matured Awamori Shochu "Hantabaru"  25 % (3 yrs)
Awamori, Japan's ol dest distilled liquor, uses hard Thai rice an d black-kojimold, which produces c itric acid in mass quantity, as main ingre dients.Since ol den days it was said to have medicinal benefits, supporting Okinawans' heal th and contributing to their world-renowne d longevity.
Awamori Shochu "Han tabaru" is blended Awamori produced through single distillation method with ingredients of Thai rice, with Shochu li quor distilled with syrup and corn more than several times by specific blend technolog y, that made it possible milder and richer in taste and aroma. It's matured 3 yrs.
It can be enj oyed in a variety of ways, includ ing on the rocks, st raight, diluted with water or as cocktai ls with lemon, l ime or pineapple.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
 720ml  12  JPY920  390*290*300/15.5
 1800ml  6  JPY1860  
 Honjozo-shu Japanese sake "Reimei" 15.5%

"Reimei " is the firs t Japanese refine d sake brewed in sub-tropical island of Okinawa. Because s ake making ca lls for cold temperatures in the process The brewery developed the technology to create its rich, dry sake, Reimei.
Quality Grade: Honjozo-shu/ Nihonshu -do: 7.1/ Acidity: 1.6/ alcohol content: 15.5%/ Sake rice: Hinohikar i/ Seima ibuai: 70%/ yeas t: #7/ tast ing note: D ry but an under lying richness. B rewery Name: Taikoku shuzo/ Toji (Master brewery):Taiji Yasuda/
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  MOQ
 720ml   12 bottles   JPY680  40 cartons
 JPY650  400 cartons
 1800ml   6 bottles   JPY1440  40 carton
 JPY1,380  400 cartons
 1800ml   6 kegs   JPY2,810  40 cartons
 JPY2,750  400 cartons
 Basic Awamori gHantabruh 30%
  Basic Awamori "Hantabaru" is blended liquor with Awamori and Shochu. If it matures, it will become Matured Awamori Hantabaru. The ol der it gets, the milder the taste becomes with better aroma.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
 720ml  12  JPY630  390*290*300/15.5
 1800ml  6  JPY1260  
 Shequasar Liqueur 500ml/bottle  12%
  "Shequasa" is produced on the base of white liquor, adding Okinawan citrus lemon called shequasar. White liquor is pure alcohol beverage distilled several times with the ingredients of syrup and corn. Shequasar is now in much demand for so many additives to juice, seasoning, flavor, cakes, vinegar and more. It's been made up so soft as you can enjoy it straight or on the rocks, well-harmonized between fragrance and sourness.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
 500ml  12 bottles  JPY730  390*290*300/15.5
 Matured "Hantabaru" 35% (10 yrs) with Ryukyu Glassware@set 350ml

Ryukyu glassware is one of the representative art crafts in Japan, featur ing in its vivid colors and designs. Matured Awamori Shochu Hantabaru (10 yrs) is potted in the specially ordered hand-made Ryukyu glassware bottle with its glass cup . Hantabaru features in heal thy alcohol liquor without any substance of fusel oil and methanol that cause us a hangover.

 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
 Blue set  12 sets  JPY2930     
Light bule set
 Green set
 Highway One 20% 720ml
Awamori Shochu "Highway One" is blended Awamori liquor produced through single distillation method with ingredient of Thai rice, with Shochu liquor distilled with syrup and corn more than several times by specific blend technology, that made it possible milder and richer in taste. It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including on the rocks, straight, diluted with water or as cocktails with lemon, lime or pineapple.
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 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
 720ml  12 bottles  JPY417  380*290*300/15.5
 Junmai-Ginjo "Reimei" 15.5%   720ml/bottle
  You can enjoy top premium sake with its flavor and aroma.
Dry overall, but with a sweet element creeping out of the background. Good richness and overall balance in a slightly dry profile Dont' limit your pairing to Japanese or Asian food. There is truly a vast array of possibilities for sake. Give your own local cuisine a chance.
Nihonshu-do: 0 /Alcohol :15.5% /Seimaibuai :54%
Acidity :1.3 /Amino Acidity: 2.0 /Rice: Reiho (Kumamoto)
Yeast Kumamoto shubo (Yeast)
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
 720ml  12  JPY1400  380*290*300/15.5
 1800ml  6  JPY  
 Geisha Sake set with four items of gReimeih & a jar and two cups
  This smooth, white-colored, ceramic sake set features a motif of beautifully hand-painted portraits of Japanese geisha in their multi-colored kimonos, traditional Japanese outer garments. The set comes with four items of a jug, two cups and Refined Japan's sake Honjozo-shu "Reimei". Perfect for souvenir and gift ! made in Japan.
Jug Dimension (W 65mmX H 132mm)
Cup Dimension (D 43mmX H 62mm)
Refined Japan's sake Honjozo-shu "Reimei" in 720ml bottle
 Unit  Qty/ carton  Unit Price  Carton M3(mm)/kg
Geisha sake set  4  JPY2700  

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