.  For Okinawa Fucoidan (295mg x 180 capsules), Fucoidan extract capsule ( 270mg x 150 capsules), Fucoidan extract granule ( 1.5g x 30 sachets), Super Fucoidan (100ml x 30 sachets), Nano Fucoidan Extract ( 2g x 60 sachets) and Fucoidan Extract ( 75ml x 60sachets), all information on weights and volume ( mg or g or ml) refers to content of mozuku seaweed extract.  Can you provide information on the fucoidan content of the above items?

Brand Name  Fucoidan Content
per capsule or sachet
 Okinawa Fucoidan  (295mg x 180 capsules) 233mg
 Fucoidan Extract Capsule (300mg x 150capsules) 166mg
 Fucoidan Extract Granule (1.5g x 30 xachets) 833mg
 Super Fucoidan  (100ml x 30 sachets) 1000mg
 Nano Fucoidan Extract  (2g x 60 sachets) 600mg
 Fucoidan Extract (75ml x 60 sachets) 3000mg
 Chorella Fucoidan (375mg x 180 capsules) 240mg 

Please recognize mozuku seaweed extract equally with fucoidan.

Mozuku seaweed extract is fucoidan of approximately 90% of purity.

Is the botanical source for all of the fucoidan products above CLADOSIHPON OKAMURANUS?

All the sources of Fucoidan of the product mentioned above are CLADOSIHPON OKAMURANUS.

 What kind of test did you use to determine that fucoidan content of the seaweeds you are using is more than 85%?

HPLC gel filtration method.

@Can you provide sodium and iodine content of all products previously mentioned? Are these levels safe for cancer patients or patients with kidney problems?

Brand Name  Sodium (mg/box)  Iodine (mg/box)
 Okinawa Fucoidan
  (295mg x 180 capsules)
1,524 0.294
 Fucoidan Extract Capsule
  (300mg x 150 capsules)
735 0.175
 Fucoidan Extract Granule
  (1.5g x 30 xachets)
694 0.175
 Super Fucoidan
  (100ml x 30 sachets)
1,122 0.210
 Nano Fucoidan Extract
  (2g x 60 sachets)
900 0.280
 Fucoidan Extract
  (75ml x 60 sachets)
6,120 1.260

These will not adversely affect cancer patients.

For your product Fucoidan pellets (200mg x 250tablets), can you specify how many % of each tablet is  fucoidan and how many % is agaricus?  What is the fucoidan content ( in terms of mg or g)  of each tablet?  Do you have a product with a combination of fucoidan and agraricus but a person only has to take one tablet a day?

Fucoidan 25% (50mg/tablet)

Agaricus 12%


Unfortunately our product with a combination of fucoidan and agraricus is Fucoidan pellets only.

If a cancer patient has to take a minimum of 3g of fucoidan a day, how many mg of fucoidan does an ordinary person take as a preventive medicine?

We suggest that taking in around 1 g per day for ordinary person.

In understand that most of your fucoidan products came from mozuku seaweed extract?  Yes.

How do you retain the nutrition of the fucoidan when the seaweeds are dried and exposed to high temperature?

Fucoidan does not disintegrate at the extraction temperature.

. For marketing support, can you provide us brochure in English?

I attach them.

How many countries have you conducted seminar in Fucoidan?  Which countries are these?

We held the seminar in Singapore and Hong Kong. We are going to hold it next year in Taiwan. (answered as of 2012)

 Can you send us testimonies of patients, cancer centers, hospitals who have used your fucoidan products and benefitted from the consumption?

Unfortunately we do not have the statistical data about the clinical example. Some cases are described in the books which I send to you.

.  How many months does a cancer patient has to take the Fucoidan Extract ( 75ml x 60 sachets) to have beneficial results?

It depends on a person, but there are some cases showing the effect one month later.

. Is it true that cladosiphon okamuranus only benefits patients suffering from stomach or colon cancer?

I do not think so. There are the cases that our fucoidan acted on lung cancer and breast cancer, prostate cancer etc, effectively.

when is the best time to take these supplements?

The doctor cooperating with us recommends taking it in at night.

. Can you send me data as to how many tablets  a person  has to take for each kind of the fucoidan products you supply to make the supplement effective? 

Brand Name  for ordinary person     per day  for cancer patient  per day
 Okinawa Fucoidan
  (295mg x 180 capsules)
 6 capsules  18 capsules
 Fucoidan Extract Capsule
  (300mg x 150 capsules)
 5 capsules  15 capsules
 Fucoidan Extract Granule
  (1.5g x 30 xachets)
 1 sachet  3 sachets
 Super Fucoidan
  (100ml x 30 sachets)
 1 sachet  3 sachets
 Nano Fucoidan Extract
  (2g x 60 sachets)
 1 sachet  1 or 2 sachets
 Fucoidan Extract
  (75ml x 60 sachets)
 1 sachet  1 or 2 sachets

 Is your packaging all in Japanese?  Yes.

Do you have packaging in English assuming we will market your brand?

It is necessary for us to produce them newly.

. Where is your port of discharge?

It is usually Naha Port or Naha Airport.


  For 295 mg x 180 capsules, total weight is 53.1g.  It is mentioned in the okinawab2b website that the Okinawa Fucoidan 53.1g contains the equivalent of 42g of mozuku seaweed extract.  From my understanding, 295mg also refers to mozuku seaweed extract and fucoidan content.  If that is the case what is meaning of 53.1g contains 42g  of mozuku seaweed extract? What is the difference between 53.1g and 42g?

mozuku seaweed extract 235mg

HPMC capsule 60mg

total 295mg/capsule

@For Fucoidan (300mg x 150 capsules), total weight is 45g.  Is this not the mozuku seaweed extract?  But it is indicated that each bottle ( 150 capsules ) contains the equivalent of 25g of mozuku seaweed extract.    Is it not supposed to be 40.5g?  It was mentioned that mozuku seaweed extract is fucoidan of approximately 90% purity.  Is it correct to assume that for 270mg x 150 capsules, mozuku seaweed extract for 1 bottle is 40.5g and fucoidan content is 36.45g? Please explain where we have understood or computed wrongly.


mozuku seaweed extract 167.5mg

dextrin 71.0mg

HPMC capsule 60.0mg

giycerine fatty acid ester 1.2mg

phosphoric acid Ca 0.2mg

total 300mg/capsule

@For Nano Fucoidan extract ( 2 g x 60 sachets), we have the same question. It is indicated that product contains 36g of fucoidan extract.  HOw do you come up with the 36g?  if we mutliply 2 g by 60 sachets, is the fucoidan extract not 120g?


The vice-raw materials such as dextrin and lecithin etc, are included in it.

. Do you have test report  that indicates that mozuku seaweed extract used is around 90% in purtiy?


I send COA to you as an attached file.

Regarding Fucoidan pellets ( 200 mg x 250 tablets ), if fucoidan is 25% and agaricus 12%, what comprises the remaining 37%?

Dextrin, maitose stardh syrup, hardened oil, crytalline cellulose and fatty acid ester.

Would you recommend a cancer patient to take fucoidan and agaricus in higher contents separately or take more fucoidan pellets?  Is there a difference?


I recommend to take them separately.

Because fucoidan pellets is a supplement ordinary people.@


May I know the name and profile of the doctor which represents your company in fucoidan seminars?


Dr.Abe (Founder, CEO and General Medical Organizer of Hakushin Koseikai Medical Foundation).

I send his profile to you as an attached file, and you can refer to the fucoidan brochure written by him at our website..

What other supplements can you recommend for cancer patients?


Agaricus products.

@Will customer feel any difference after taking 7 sachets?


It is slightly superabundant.

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